NASA's Cassini mission to capture pictures of Saturn

NASA's Cassini mission to capture pictures of Saturn

Ever wondered how long does it take to get to Saturn? The answer depends on which route you decide to choose. For example, NASA's Cassini spacecraft traveled to the sixth planet of the solar system in 6 years and 261 days. But it made a few stops on the way (who wouldn’t try to take a few space pictures, right?) so probably one could travel the same distance a bit faster.

Cassini at Saturn – in pursuit of knowledge

Cassini-Huygens mission probe was the fourth space probe to visit Saturn and the first to enter its orbit. The spacecrafts journey started on October 15, 1997 and lasted for almost 20 years. Cassini Space mission aim was to take as many pictures of planet Saturn as possible, before finally hitting its surface. You can find actual photos of Saturn at NASA's mission gallery.

Of course, NASA’s mission was not only about taking photographs. It also gathered priceless data about the planet, its moons and the mysterious rings of Saturn. What's even more fascinating, it enabled NASA to observe weather and seasonal changes on the surface of planet. On September 15, 2017, after nearly two decades of detailed research, Cassini spacecraft dived into the atmosphere of Saturn and burned just like it was one of many meteors that finally become a part of the planet.

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Quality wall print of NASA's Cassini mission to Saturn



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