Artwork inspired by music or music inspired by artwork ?

Music of Sound poster print by Melodysheep

John D. Boswell, also known as Melodysheep came with this music inspired artworkto match the atmosphere brought by “Music of Sounds” album,“a juicy musical blend of sounds from nature, electronics, everyday life, and pop culture, interlaced with wisdom from musicians and philosophers.” Released in February 2020, the album came into existence as an effect of artists earlies inspirations.

“Ever since I was a kid, I have been fascinated with manipulating sound. At age 10, armed with a crappy computer mic and windows ’95, I stayed up late pitching my voice up and down, recording random shit around the house and crafting weird sonic atmospheres. It’s clear now how these early childhood experiments laid the foundation for my musical style and creative path.

My new album is a modern expression of that childhood.”


1.What Do You Hear?

2.A Sound from the Void


4.I Wonder

5.Making Waves

6.Oh My

7.Little Tokyo

8.Chilly Wonka


10.Man on the Moon

11.Your Name

12.Children of Planet Earth

13.Happily Ever After

Musicians wall art

This is surely not a typical wall decoration in the music posters category. It’s unique, and it could be described as abstract music art. Unlike most of the album covers, this work of art is directly inspired by the musicians productions. Or is the other way? You’ll need to listen and decide for yourself.

Nonetheless, if you ever thought of decorating your room with music inspired art or just simply looking for an amazing blue wall décor, click on the image below and order a highest quality print in a desired size.

Music of Sound poster print by Melodysheep

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