Fine Art & Poster Descriptions

Premium Poster

Premium Poster

Astrography Art Posters are a giant leap above standard posters by offering superior print quality and finish. Enjoy rich, vibrant colors of the space with a beautiful satin finish that make artworks pop.

A cut above the standard poster

When you think of posters, you usually think of mass produced movie posters on lightweight papers. Most posters are printed on offset or digital printers. Not ours. Astrography Art Posters are giclee printed on heavy (usually 250gsm) premium satin and semigloss paper with a waterproof, micro-porous, resin coated surface. Archival pigment inks provide light-fade resistance for decades. The result is a stunningly beautiful, high quality art poster that does justice to the artwork, and that you can proudly display at home or the office.

Fine Art Prints

Astrography Fine Art Prints are perfect for bringing out the traditional “fine art” look in works. They are giclee printed using light-fade resistant archival pigment inks on acid-free, fine art matte paper for beautiful color reproduction, high contrast and high resolutions.

A unique touch of fine art

Astrography Fine Art Prints are printed on fine art archival (museum grade) paper with a smooth or textured, matte, neutral/warm white surface. These types of prints give the feeling of being touched by real art known from galleries or museums. We use the same cutting edge technology. Combined with a Space Art, this introduces a unique and inspiring experience for anyone looking for more than just a poster. Our Fine Art products are certified for more than 100+ yrs of fading resistance.