Michał Ostaszewski

Perseids over Sokolica



The highest quality print on premium paper presenting one of the best viewing places in Poland under the Milky Way and Perseid Meteor Shower.

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Every year, the Earth in the first half of August crosses the remains of stardust left by the comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle makes possible to observe Perseids in the sky at this time.


For years, they have delighted observers and are becoming more and more known phenomenon in our culture. The symbolism and beauty of “falling stars” makes a faster heartbeat. Before the maximum in 2018 I tried to find a place from which I could photograph this phenomenon in an interesting way that no one else has done before in Poland. I choose a small peak in Pieniny, the Sokolica mount. One the top is relict, a 500-year-old pine tree growing from the edge, an extremely charming place and recognizable all over the world. A lot of things had to be played to I could realize my plan. However, I got lucky and weather was perfect, which resulted by the frame I had exactly planned.

Unfortunately, the 500-year-old pine tree which was the symbol of Sokolica, the entire Pieniny and was recognizable not only in Poland but also all over the world, a few days after I took this photo was destroyed during the rescue operation at the summit with the use of a helicopter. As it turned out later, my picture has become unique not only because no one has ever done such a photograph at this summit before, but also because it will never be a similar photograph on it, because the pine which was an icon of this elevation has been broken.

During this maximum, I took two photos Perseids with a relict pine. This one was created as an additional frame the second of my cameras that I had with me at the top. Despite the fact that this frame is slightly poorer technically than the main photo of that night, this frame that has become a more recognizable photo. The second picture is technically very advanced because it consists of over 400 individual expositions and you can also buy them on Astrography.

In the picture you can see not only the picturesque valley in which the Dunajec river flows hidden under clouds, but also the peaks of the High Tatras and two meteors from Perseids.


  • Limited Edition Fine Art: archival paper, with a noble structure visible, museum class fine art print, with 25mm white passe partout on the each side with personal pencil signature and number of author, only 10 prints available.
  • Fine Art: archival paper, with a noble structure visible, museum class fine art print, with 25mm white passe partout on the each side.
  • Poster: high quality poster paper without a longevity certificate, without passe partout, with photo title, author, date, Astrography logo.



Author of photograph: Michał Ostaszewski. Fascinated with the beauty of night sky from an early age. Currently focusing exclusively on astrophotography and specializing in wide angle astrophotography. By his photos, he wants to show how important it is to deepen knowledge about space and its exploration in the perspective of the survival of humanity in the long-term. His portfolio includes, among others, a trip to a total solar eclipse to Chile from July 2nd of 2019. In the past, professional athlete and polish representative in speed skating. Currently, he is trying to use his sports experience to reach the requiring places with the camera to capture the best frames of the night sky. See, Michał’s photographic profile on facebook.


Fine Art (Giclée) hyper-quality print

The artwork is ideal for demanding eyes looking for a dimension of real art in posters and wanting to own something really unique. The print is created on special premium papers meant for gallery use in the highest possible quality with a broader color palette (Epson UltraChrome Pro12) in our private print studio. The entire process of print and production is carried out by our Print Master personally which guarantees quality of presentation unmatched by any other method. The most advanced print technology combined with prestigious highest quality papers (archival/gallery standard) allow for outstanding durability of the photograph which may reach as many as several hundreds of years (according to Wilhelm Imaging Research).

The product is delivered without frames – we recommend e.g. Ikea frames (price/quality). The poster requires great care while framing. Durable pigments are susceptible to mechanical damage and fingerprints.

High-Quality Giclée Poster

The poster is printed on-demand in a limited series (not mass production) and it is meant for those who aren’t looking for the artistic (collectible) value of the Fine Artwork. It is printed on a special poster paper of the highest possible quality with a broadened color palette (Epson UltraChrome HDX and Pro) in our private print studio. You should not confuse the quality known from cheap mass-produced posters.


Astrography hi-tech Print Studio

Astrography.com specializes in artistic products inspired by the magic and beauty of the cosmos. Founded in 2018, we have printed thousands of photographs to date. All our prints are created using our own equipment (top of the line Fine Art printers: EPSON SureColor P7000, P10000, P20000, and newes cutting edge printer SureColor P9500). If you’d like to know more about our initiative, take a look at the press interviews below.




The poster is wrapped with acid-free archival paper and delivered in a secure container/tube – without a frame. It guarantees its the safety of the print and its high quality during transportation to your home. We ship our products worldwide within a few days by TNT/DHL or up to 5 weeks by post. The print requires great care while framing. Durable pigments are susceptible to mechanical damage and fingerprints.


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Limited Edition Fine Art, Poster, Fine-Art Photography


120×80 cm, 20 x 30" (US), 24 x 36" (US), 40x30cm, 60x40cm, 90x60cm

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Perseids over Sokolica

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