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Warsaw’s Veduta



Photograph printed on the highest quality paper with long-term durability. Author: Grzegorz Marcinek

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Warsaw’s Veduta or a surreal cosmorama?


This composition consists of twenty-five photos joined into a 178-megapixel sphere and then projected from a three-dimensional sphere onto a flat lichen-shaped portrait frame using vedutismo algorithms. Veduta comes from Flanders, where artists such as Paul Bril painted Vedute as early as the 16th century. In the 17th century, Dutch painters created a specialty with a detailed and accurate portrayal of the city and landscapes that spoke to the local pride of the Dutch middle class.


Grzegorz Marcinek – artist photographer from Lublin. 1984.

Since I was a child, I had many different interests that can be broadly defined as related to the visual arts. Regardless of whether it was fire dancing, programming or playing instruments, it was always related to the graphics. I have always been interested in photography. My dad was involved in astrophotography back in the times of the People’s Republic of Poland, so I had access to the camera as a few years old in the early 90’s. The passion for photography was real, it came much later in 2005 with the purchase of the first digital SLR camera. Later I experimented with various fields of photography and the reporter turned out to be the closest to me. I wanted to be in interesting places where something is happening and to put it atypically. I used to enter foreign flats to photograph a fire through the window, or drive a 20-year-old roadster through minefields in the Sahara desert. It was always about an adventure, nice material and something amazing, such a spark, something that attracts attention. The first impression counts in photography. Either something catches you or it falls off. And already. I try to choose photos that have potential and bring it to the end. In 2018, I started shooting from the air. Here are the effects. Invite.


Fine Art (Giclée) hyper-quality print

The artwork is ideal for demanding eyes looking for a dimension of real art in posters and wanting to own something really unique. The print is created on special premium papers meant for gallery use in the highest possible quality with a broader color palette (Epson UltraChrome Pro12) in our private print studio. The entire process of print and production is carried out by our Print Master personally which guarantees quality of presentation unmatched by any other method. The most advanced print technology combined with prestigious highest quality papers (archival/gallery standard) allow for outstanding durability of the photograph which may reach as many as several hundreds of years (according to Wilhelm Imaging Research).

The product is delivered without frames – we recommend e.g. Ikea frames (price/quality). The poster requires great care while framing. Durable pigments are susceptible to mechanical damage and fingerprints.

High-Quality Giclée Poster

The poster is printed on-demand in a limited series (not mass production) and it is meant for those who aren’t looking for the artistic (collectible) value of the Fine Artwork. It is printed on a special poster paper of the highest possible quality with a broadened color palette (Epson UltraChrome HDX and Pro) in our private print studio. You should not confuse the quality known from cheap mass-produced posters.


Astrography hi-tech Print Studio specializes in artistic products inspired by the magic and beauty of the cosmos. Founded in 2018, we have printed thousands of photographs to date. All our prints are created using our own equipment (top of the line Fine Art printers: EPSON SureColor P7000, P10000, P20000, and newes cutting edge printer SureColor P9500). If you’d like to know more about our initiative, take a look at the press interviews below.




The poster is wrapped with acid-free archival paper and delivered in a secure container/tube – without a frame. It guarantees its the safety of the print and its high quality during transportation to your home. We ship our products worldwide within a few days by TNT/DHL or up to 5 weeks by post. The print requires great care while framing. Durable pigments are susceptible to mechanical damage and fingerprints.



Poster, Fine-Art Photography


40 x 40 cm, 50 x 40 cm, 50 x 50 cm, 60 x 60 cm, 100 x 100 cm

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Warsaw’s Veduta

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