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Astrography.com specializes in artistic products inspired by the magic and beauty of the cosmos. I love the starry sky since I can remember, and for the past 15 years I have been intensely and obsessively trying to capture his spectacular treasures.


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How it began

I founded Astrography.com to invite you to my world of passion and share its charms. As an advanced astrophotographer, I wander around the world in search for the dark places, unpolluted by artificial light, that allow me to discover the cosmos in a way that is impossible at my place of residence, and probably yours.

I have been professionally involved in computer graphics for over 20 years, which guarantees high quality and aesthetic qualities of products offered by Astrography. I invested in the purchase of a professional, high-quality, large format printer, so I could control the whole process of creating Fine-Art photographs – from preparation, through organization of the photo session, to transferring the image to the highest quality paper. The final signature gives it its uniqueness and completes the stage of its creation, before the moment when it will hang on your wall.

Today I am an entrepreneur and create innovative technologies on the startup scene. I am the founder of the largest Polish astronomy forum, Astropolis.pl (already 15 years old), where I actively participate in the community life.

If you are interested in what I do professionally, or would like to talk about business cooperation, just let me know by LinkedIn, or Facebook.

Adam Jesionkiewicz

Adam Jesionkiewicz

Founder of Astrography



I print all my photos personally at my home digital darkroom using the professional EPSON Sure Color P7000 large format printer which guarantees the highest possible quality of photo printing at the resolution of 2880 dpi, using 11 colors, including 4 dedicated shades of gray. All parameters are set to maximize print quality, not to optimize costs which has a fundamental impact on the final effect. You will never see this at service points.

Photographic projects are printed using original EPSON pigments on selected papers from the exhibition category. Mainly they are EPSON media from the Signature Worthy, Legacy or Hahnemühle series.

After printing, each piece is meticulously checked through a magnifying glass and in case any imperfection of the medium is detected, the process is repeated.

At the end the photograph is signed (Signature Edition series), then protected with acid-free paper and rolled up to be packed into environment-friendly tubes.

I am convinced that you will be very surprised by the result of these works. I invite you to buy a piece of your own sky.


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