Pablo Carlos Budassi

Pablo is on a quest about the great mysteries of the cosmos and of life. His ultimate search is how to convey the great astonishment for the complexity of the world through graphic art, music, and poetry.

Pablo was born in Mendoza, Argentina in 1980. In his childhood, he started to show ability in arts and math. He won several awards for writing computer programs in elementary school. As a teen, he started exploring with music and drawing.

He cares about human rights, arts, and culture, animal welfare, the environment, and education. He is interested in shamanism, entheogen plants, astronomy, physics, philosophy, music, and poetry.

Together with his brother Nicolas Budassi, Francisco Vanini, Gonzalo Arriagada, and Matias Trillini he formed the musical and audiovisual project "Nueve Millas" in which he participated as a musician (keyboardist) and produced 3 albums and 23 videos for live screening. The videos are of diverse techniques like animation with drawings by hand, stop-motion, 3D Studio, Flash, visual generators, own filming, and compilation of stock videos. With this band, he travels to several 5 Argentine provinces, Chile and Bolivia.

In 2012 he starts editing, translating, and writing articles and illustrations for One of his illustrations went viral and became globally famous. It is called "Observable Universe Logarithmic Illustration". He works together with the editors of the German World Atlas Der Grosse Dumont Weltatlas where a special version of his illustration of the universe was featured in the Atlas.

In 2016 this illustration was highlighted in the exhibition "Encircling the World" at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

This year the illustration serves as cover art for several musical and written publications such as "The Daughter of Time" novel trilogy by Erec Stebbins (USA), "Araştırmacı Çocuk" magazine (Turkey), Infinite Density album by Cygnus (USA), "Muy Interesante" magazine (Spain), "Oor Big Braw Cosmos" a book by John Brown, "Macroscopic Self-assembly" by Per Loethman (Sweden), ¨Sciences et Avenir" magazine (France), "New Year's Eve 360" by Bassnectar (USA), "Supervoid: The woman who dreamed" novel by Cesar Cabrera (Venezuela), "An introduction to particle dark matter" book by Stefano Profumo (UK), "Regeneration" album by Alex Lupi (Italy), "Uchuu no hate toha nanika?" book by Nobuyuki Ienaka (Japan), "Universe: Exploring the Astronomical World" book by Phaidon Editors (UK), "Les Cosmiques" book by Didier Laloum (France).

His works Logarithmic Map of the Universe and Orders of Magnitude are selected to integrate the contents of the "Sanctuary, Eternity for Mankind" time capsule to be buried on the surface of the moon by the ALINA module projected to launch in 2021 powered by the SpaceX Falcon 9.

In 2020 he created the astronomical culture project "The Celestial Zoo" which is presented as an infographic poster, a pocketbook, and the presence in social networks with information about 210 notable celestial bodies including asteroids, comets, moons, planets, stellar systems, nebulas, galaxies and large structures of the cosmos.