Night Constellations
Night Constellations
Night Constellations
Night Constellations
Night Constellations
Night Constellations
Night Constellations
Night Constellations

Night Constellations

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  • A unique artwork created by information designer and New York Times editor Eleanor Lutz
  • Blends science, art and space exloration data
  • Made using latest cutting edge printing technology
  • Gallery Fine Art: Giclee printed on premium ~310gsm paper with certified longevity 100+ yrs without fading
  • Classic Print: high quality eco-solvent poster printed on 200gsm paper
  • Every order is custom made just for you
  • Comes as a standard sized prints, framing not included
  • Rolled and delivered in a protective tube, 
  • Global shipping from Europe
  • Read more about prints - Classic or Gallery Fine Art?


This map shows every single star visible from Earth, on the darkest night with the clearest sky. The map also includes all of the brightest galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters from W.H. Finlay’s "Concise Catalog of Deep-sky Objects". 

For thousands of years, humans have looked up at the stars in the night sky for navigation, divination, and storytelling. Before the invention of telescopes, ancient Egyptians used the bright star Sirius to predict the annual flooding of the Nile river. Ancient Polynesians navigated by the stars through the open ocean for hundreds of kilometers.

This map shows every star that might be visible to the human eye on the darkest night. It also includes many deep-sky objects such as galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters that are similarly visible from Earth. 

Because the Earth wobbles slightly around its axis, the position of the stars appears to change over time when seen from Earth. This map shows the position of each star on New Year's Day of the year 2000. These star movements are large enough to see throughout human history. In the ancient divination tradition of astrology, a person's sun sign describes where the Sun was located when they were born. But because of the shifting stars, the sun signs of people born today are off by about one zodiac sign when using the traditional date calculations from 2000 years in the past.

Author of the graphic: Eleanor Lutz

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We purchased 4 large fine art prints and are very happy with the quality of the prints.... impressive detail and color.
Great service, and the owner quickly responded to questions (even over the weekend). He also thought along with us, offering custom print sizing.




Very happy with both the ordering experience and the quality of the print itself.
Ordering process was simple, order was shipped quickly, arrived on time and tracking information was provided throughout.
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