Voyager Spacecrafts
Voyager Spacecrafts
Voyager Spacecrafts
Voyager Spacecrafts
Voyager Spacecrafts
Voyager Spacecrafts
Voyager Spacecrafts
Voyager Spacecrafts

Voyager Spacecrafts

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  • Amazing collection of posters designed by NASA
  • Made using latest cutting edge printing technology
  • Fine Art: Giclee printed on premium matte heavy paper with certified longevity 50+ yrs without fading
  • Poster: high quality eco-solvent poster printed on satin 200gsm paper
  • Canvas: vivid textile print perfect for anyone who wants to feel classic art at home décor - the cotton/polyester blend provides both great colors and durability
  • Every order is custom made just for you
  • Comes as a standard sized prints, framing not included
  • Rolled and delivered in a protective tube
  • Global shipping from Europe
  • Read more about prints - Poster, Fine Art or Canvas?

Thanks to the twin Voyager spacecrafts, music is truly universal. Each carries a Golden Record with sights, sounds and songs from Earth as it sails on through the Milky Way.

Recalling the classic rock era of the late 1970s when the Voyagers launched, this poster is a homage to the mission's greatest hits. Some of the most extraordinary discoveries of the probes first 40 years include the volcanoes on Jupiter's moon Io, the hazy nitrogen atmosphere of Saturn's moon Titan and the cold geysers on Neptune's moon Triton.

Voyager 1 is also the first spacecraft to deliver a portrait of our planets from beyond Neptune, depicting Earth as a "pale blue dot" and, as of August 25, 2012, to enter interstellar space. Even after 40 years, the Voyager's hits just keep on coming. 



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    We create stellar quality prints

    We purchased 4 large fine art prints and are very happy with the quality of the prints.... impressive detail and color.
    Great service, and the owner quickly responded to questions (even over the weekend). He also thought along with us, offering custom print sizing.




    Very happy with both the ordering experience and the quality of the print itself.
    Ordering process was simple, order was shipped quickly, arrived on time and tracking information was provided throughout.
    Excellent service.


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