Size Chart - Fine Art

Size Chart with Technical Margins

For each Fine Art print, an additional technical margin is added: ~0.8 inches (left, top, right margin) and ~1,6 inches (bottom margin). This white margin is for framing purposes and can be concealed under a mat or passe-partout during framing. Please note, the sizes provided below (w/o parentheses) are the actual print sizes, not inclusive of the additional margin.

Imperial (total) Metric (total)
M 39.0x13.0 in (40.6x15,4 in) 99x33 cm (103x39 cm)
L 59.0x19.7 in (60.6x22.0 in) 150x50 cm (154x56 cm)
XL 72.0x24.0 in (73.6x26,4 in) 183x61 cm (187x67 cm)
XXL 102.4x34.3 in (103.9x36.6 in) 260x87 cm (264x93 cm)

 Tolerance up to 4 mm.