Ophelia Station
Ophelia Station
Ophelia Station
Ophelia Station
Ophelia Station

Ophelia Station

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The highest quality print (without framing) on premium paper presenting one of the work by Maciej Rebisz.

About the Author: Maciej Rebisz is a concept artist and illustrator from Poland, specializing in Space Art. His love for space exploration and spaceflight technology, which he depicts as realistic as possible in his works, lead to many collaborations with space institutes and agencies (i.a. ESA, NASA, Arizona State University), space industry companies and science journals and magazines. As a freelancer he has illustrated science-fiction and fantasy books, card and board games, created concept designs and illustrations for various projects and games, mostly science fiction themed. After spending a few years in Platige Image, a 3D animation and VFX studio, and completing many successful projects, he joined CD Projekt RED (creators of The Witcher game series) to work on Cyberpunk 2077, highly anticipated video game. In his spare time, he develops his personal art project “Space That Never Was”, exploring alternate timeline, where space race started during the Cold War has never ended and lead to a peaceful exploration of space on a large scale.

 Our prints are available in two medium options. First is a Fine-Art printed on archival, with a noble structure visible, museum class paper, with 25 mm white passe partout on the each side. Second is a Poster printed on a high quality semigloss paper without a longevity certificate, without passe partout, with photo title, author, Astrography logo.

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Fine Art Print

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Premium poster print

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Production process

Cutting edge printing technology

To reflect the infinite number of colors in universe, we use the latest generation of 12 color printers. The prints are long-lived (100+ years) and safe for health (water-based inks)


We purchased 4 large fine art prints and are very happy with the quality of the prints.... impressive detail and color.
Great service, and the owner quickly responded to questions (even over the weekend). He also thought along with us, offering custom print sizing.




Very happy with both the ordering experience and the quality of the print itself.
Ordering process was simple, order was shipped quickly, arrived on time and tracking information was provided throughout.
Excellent service.


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