The Creation of Cosmos
The Creation of Cosmos
The Creation of Cosmos

The Creation of Cosmos

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  • Unique photo taken by an astrophotographer
  • Uses the latest cutting edge technology to print the poster
  • Comes as a standard sized prints, framing not included
  • Reproduced as a high quality pigment print on premium paper
  • Certified Fine Art longevity: 100+ yrs without fading
  • Global shipping from Europe
  • Rolled and delivered in a protective tube
  • Officially licensed product

This exceptionally beautiful photo which I named “The Creation of Cosmos”, refers to the legendary work of Michelangelo: “The Creation of Adam”.

 It is amazing how many well-known shapes can be found in the seemingly random structure of the cosmos. Let it be my humble tribute to the masterpiece known from the wonderful Sistine Chapel, which you will soon be able to hang on your wall.

The picture shows the object named by the cosmic reference number NGC 6188. It is an emission and reflection nebula located in the constellation Ara, about 4,000 light-years from Earth. It was discovered on April 15, 1836 by John Herschel.

The NGC 6188 nebula has dark shapes that cut through bright areas extending over tens of light years. Established in this area just a few million years ago, the Ara OB1 association consists of massive young stars carving fantastic shapes thanks to the power of stellar winds and ultraviolet radiation. The next generation of new stars arises as a result of star winds and supernova explosions from previous generations of massive stars and condensed molecular gas.

Author: Adam Jesionkiewicz. I took the picture in a deserted and very dark location of South Africa.

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