The Majestic Andromeda Galaxy
The Majestic Andromeda Galaxy
The Majestic Andromeda Galaxy
The Majestic Andromeda Galaxy
The Majestic Andromeda Galaxy
The Majestic Andromeda Galaxy

The Majestic Andromeda Galaxy

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  • Unique photo taken by an astrophotographer
  • Uses the latest cutting edge technology to print the poster
  • Comes as a standard sized prints, framing not included
  • Reproduced as a high quality pigment print on premium paper
  • Certified Fine Art longevity: 100+ yrs without fading
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No other objects in the universe are more beautiful than galaxies. They rose from primordial material scattered throughout the cosmos by the Big Bang. Galaxies gave life a chance to be born, they’re our home, our place in the universe. Galaxy M31 is huge, bigger than six full moons.

The Great Galaxy of the Andromeda Constellation is the brightest and the largest galaxy of the northern sky. You can see it take the shape of a mist surrounded by stars even with the naked eye in suburban skies. Under a dark sky, it can’t be missed, even if you’re just accidentally “scanning” the Andromeda Constellation. When you get hold of a large telescope it becomes picturesque. Its view takes a breath away, especially once you realize what you’re looking at

The first observations of the M31 in literature appeared in Persian scriptures by astronomer Abd Al-Rahman Al Sufi in year 964

All of the stars which can be seen in the photograph belong to our galaxy. They act as if they were a curtain covering the vast space in which the Andromeda Galaxy is suspended. It is approaching us at the rate of 120 km/s. Most probably, in a few billion years, it will collide with the Milky Way – the great collision will give birth to a new elliptical galaxy. The milky way now inseparable from the night sky with vanish and the star systems as we know them today will perish irretrievably. Fortune tellers and astrologists of the future will have to come up with new zodiac signs.

The interstellar space is exceptionally scarcely populated by stars. If we compared them to poppy seeds there would be only three stars in the area comparable to the size of Europe. This means that the risk of them colliding during the collision of galaxies is close to zero. Nonetheless, for life on Earth, this may be quite problematic, because there’s no way to tell where our Sun will end up in the newly formed galaxy. If we move closer to its core – it won’t end well. We will be killed by strong radiation. The gravitational pull of the stars itself may “tear” our Solar System apart, and then we will freeze in the endless cosmos. But… there’s no reason to be worried. We still have about 3 billion years left to live our ungodly lives.

The photographs took about 10 hours of total exposure. Photons were collected through several nights.
Author: Adam Jesionkiewicz

Limited Edition Availability

  1. THE 50 STARS – a series of 50 pieces – 50 x 50 cm. (AVAILABLE)
  2. THE 10 GALAXIES – a series of 10 pieces – 70 x 70 cm. (AVAILABLE)
  3. THE 5 UNIVERSES – a series of 5 pieces – 100 x 100 cm. (AVAILABLE)
  4. THE SINGULARITY – only one exceptional piece – 150 x 150 cm. Price €2800 

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